OSFC Approved Flight Instructors

These are the Flying Club's approved flight instructors. As a member you can receive instruction in OSFC aircraft from one of these instructors per the Club's Bylaws.

Primary Instructors

Noah Hoiland

Corvallis Aero Service: 541-753-4466
Phone: 541-953-6943
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Noah's love of aviation began as the result of an airports final approach course passing directly over his childhood backyard. Noah began flight training after high school and obtained his private pilot's license through LCC Flight Technology. He earned his instrument rating through the Oregon State Flying Club in 2006 and his commercial pilots license the following year. Noah has worked for Van's aircraft building the certified RV-12 and also flies corporately. Now that he has become a flight instructor he is very excited to share the world of aviation with other enthusiast. He looks forward to helping club members and perspective pilots reach their goals.

Jacob Hettinga

Corvallis Aero Service: 541-753-4466
Phone: 503-608-0656
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Born and raised in Hillsboro Oregon, I grew fond of flying at a young age. The yearly Oregon international airshow was practically a religious event that took place right in my back yard. One year, through my fathe's work sponsoring the airshow, we were given private tickets to meet and eat dinner with the Blue Angel stunt team further sparking my love for flight. In middle school I attended an open house at Hillsboro aviation where I won a drawing for a free demo flight. This was my first time up in a small aircraft and I was hooked, but my mother said I had to have my driver's license before I could learn to fly. A couple years later I began my training at Hillsboro aviation. While there I earned my private pilot certificate all the way up through my flight instructor ratings which I completed in 2015. During my time at HAI I had the opportunity to meet mentor and train students from many parts of the world. My time as an instructor and Part 141 progress check examiner have been an invaluable piece of my training and only solidified my desire to pursue aviation as a career. I transferred to Oregon State University Fall of 2016 in order to finish my bachelor's degree in geology. When I am not flying, you can find me skiing, hiking, biking and hanging out with friends and family. I look forward to my new journey at CAS and OSFC making new aviation memories.

Cody Gustafson

Corvallis Aero Service: 541-753-4466
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I decided to start pursuing my private pilot license in 2014 after going to the Reno Air Races. Aviation had long been a common topic of discussion in my house, however the Reno Air Races finally convinced me to start my training at Corvallis Aero Service. I ended up enjoying flying so much that I decided to continue my education past my PPL and in 2016 I completed my CFI and CFII training. I am currently attending Oregon State University in the pre bio-engineering track and am very excited to share my love for aviation with the local community.

Addtional Instructors

Dallas Enger

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Chief Flight Instructor at Corvallis Aero Service.

Steve Rupp

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General Manager at Corvallis Aero Service.

Mike Storm

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Available for advanced instruction, checkouts, proficiency checks, IPCs, and flight reviews.

Richard Whelden

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Available for checkouts, proficiency checks, and flight reviews.