Club Library

The OSU Flying Club library is located in Hangar 8. Please mark on the clipboard when you check out your item(s). Items can be returned to the hangar directly (note that you have returned your items at that time) or dropped off at Adams Hall 205. For questions, or to donate items to the library please email Shelly Signs or call at 541-737-0724.

Title author/series medium
Advanced IFRSporty'sVHS
Air Traffic Control and IFRSporty'sVHS
Amelia Earhart's DaughtersHaynsworth and Toomeybook
ATC ClearsJeppesenAudio Cassette
Aviation HumorMachado, RodVHS
Aviation Instructor's HandbookFAAbook
Aviation Weather SeriesNOAAbook
Barefoot in the SkyScott, Sheilabook
CFI Test PrepASAbook
Commercial Pilot & Flight Instructor for Helecopter Practical Test StandardsASAbook
Complete Private Pilot SyllabusASAbook
Cows on the RunwayEddleman, Jobook
Defensive FlyingMachado, RodVHS
EmergenciesKing SchoolsVHS
En Route IFRSporty'sVHS
FAR's and Your Instrument TestSporty'sVHS
Flyer's Recreation Guide - Access to adventure in the Western StatesALTAbinder
Flying to AlaskaAlchemyVHS
How to protect your Pilot's LicenseAlchemyVHS
IFR Flying tips & techniquesMachado, RodVHS
Instrument ApproachesSporty'sVHS
Instrument Flight Test #1King SchoolsVHS
Instrument Flight Test #2King SchoolsVHS
Instrument Flight Test #3King SchoolsVHS
Instrument Flying FundamentalsSporty'sVHS
Instrument Rating for Airplane, Helicopter, Power LiftASAbook
Instrument Rating Test PrepASAbook
Jeppesen Chart Review: ArrivalsKing SchoolsVHS
Jeppesen Chart Review: Enroute, Departures & ArrivalsKing SchoolsVHS
Laugh and Learn - What they didn't teach you in flight school Vol. 1Machado, RodAudio Cassette
Laugh and Learn - What they didn't teach you in flight school Vol. 2Machado, RodAudio Cassette
Maneuvers For the COM/CFIKing SchoolsVHS
Mountain FlyingImeson, Sparkybook
Pinch-Hitter The VideoAOPAVHS
So You Want to Fly Helicopters?Sporty'sVHS
Stall/Spin: Classic Facts and MythsAOPAVHS
Survival Sense for PilotsEmergency Response Institutebook
The Complete PilotASAbook
The Fabulous Flight of the Three MusketeersJessen, Gene Norabook
Up in the AirWorthylake, Marybook
VFR Tips for All PilotsCole, DuaneVHS
Weather for IFRSporty'sVHS
West to the SunriseHarris, Gracebook
Winter Weather FlyingSporty'sVHS